How does Verdant Management Work?

The Verdant Management model has been created with four guiding values at its core:

Flexibility, Innovation, thoughfulness & Connectedness

Verdant Management was created to provide flexible solutions to the association sector, to provide improved work life balance to Verdant staff and to bring innovative and forward-thinking management to the association sector.

Verdant aims to connect associations with the skills they need as they need them. Our model allows for work to be scaled as demand dictates. We provide outsourced leadership, marketing and communications, sponsorship, membership, finance and general secretariat/administration services. Our unique Verdant Management Talent Pool of experts allows us to draw on additional knowledge and experience as required, focussing on specialised, high level services.

With clear and concise processes and systems, our aim is to provide a leadership solution to any association or NFP whether it be on a short term or long-term basis. Our experience has allowed us to create templates to ensure a smooth and speedy onboard process allowing contracted Verdant Management staff to hit the ground running. 

At Verdant Management, our focus is on growth and prosperity for our clients. We actively drive our client organisations forward; showing initiative, thinking ahead and always focussing on goals not just tasks.

Why use Verdant Management?


Appointment of experienced and specialised staff with the support of a structured team


Additional resources available on a skills-needed basis


Focus on goals


Low-risk approach to staffing


Leave covered by experienced staff

No lengthy recruitment process
No cost of recruitment

Full coverage across the week, not limited to working set hours on specific days meaning emails are answered and calls returned within 24 hours

Scalability (add more services, resources as you go)

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Verdant Management is an Australian Association Management consultancy. We provide professional and flexible association management services, working in partnership with your board, existing staff and secretariat.